Department of Biology, Ecology, Evolution | Faculty of Science | University of Liège

The forest ecology research at the Laboratory of Plant and Microbial Ecology investigates the role of microbial diversity and activity in controlling ecosystem functioning - nutrient concentrations and fluxes in particular. The relations between plant diversity, soil molecular microbial diversity, and soil processes are investigated, with focus on the nitrification process and on the development of biological indicators of soil quality. The impact of forest management measures (conversion of coniferous to deciduous/mixed forest, liming, clearcut, use of harvest residues) and environmental factors (climate, pollution) are studied at catchment and plot scale, and in the laboratory. The laboratory is also site manager of the ICOS site ‘Robinette’.

dr. Monique Carnol


      - member FORBIO, FORBIO Climate

      - microbial ecology — biogeochemistry — plant-soil interactions

Md Masudur Rahman


      - PhD student FORBIO Climate

      - forest ecology — plant-soil interactions — drought effects